You have a boat, it may be old or new, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you want to add to or upgrade some part of the boats’ electronics or electrical system. 

Maybe it’s a new AIS transponder, a VHF radio with DSC, a new chart plotter with WiFi, and/or something else.  But you aren’t sure how to make the new stuff work with the existing electronics on your boat.   

Can you integrate your 15 year old electronics with a brand new chartplotter?  How exactly do you connect the GPS, AIS, VHF, and chart plotter together so they all work the way they are supposed to?  Or possibly you’d like to add solar or upgrade your charger/inverter.

Or maybe you have a problem and you just don’t know what you need to solve it.  Does it take a whole day to charge your batteries from your Honda generator?  Does the GFCI outlet in your vberth trip when you plug something in while running the generator?

The other thing–You really want to do this yourself because…

You don’t really have the budget to pay a marine electrician $100/hour to pull a few cables and screw in a few stainless fasteners.  And you’d like to know how this stuff works so you can fix it later if it stops working in the middle of the ocean, or so you can make more additions, upgrades, or changes in the future.

This is exactly what the Marine Electronics Advisor service was created to solve.  Expert advice from a 20 year technology industry veteran who is also a a licensed captain and full time cruiser upgrading and maintaining the systems of a complex cruising yacht.  You will get custom documentation, designs, and wiring diagrams, without the added cost of a marine electrician’s manual labor.  And you will understand how it all works together in the event something goes awry in the middle of nowhere.

If you have a marine electrical or electronics project you need help with, big or small, new boat or old boat, contact us today!

Preserve Your Cruising Kitty

The Marine Electronics Advisor service is provided via email initially, and may include a phone call or Skype call depending on the project complexity and your needs.  The initial email discussion is free and after understanding the scope of your project, we will provide you with a quote for the cost of the full service to complete your project.  Since you are doing the work yourself and only engaging the Marine Electronics Advisor service for research and advisory service you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars in labor costs along with any associated yard fees of having a marine electrician do the work for you.

By the time the project is over, you’ll know the difference between NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000, how to integrate your 15-year-old Raymarine instruments with your fancy new Garmin Chartplotter, or anything else related to your project.


I was installing my AIS, chart plotter, and radar. Rich helped me understand how they all worked together and the nuances of setting it up correctly. He has a lot of knowledge and really wants to help solve the problems that come up when adding new systems to an old boat.

April B, s/v Westy

Without Marine Electronics Advisor, we would have spent a lot more money and time getting our boat where we wanted it to be.

Jason H, s/v Westy

How It Works

The Marine Electronics Advisor service provides you with knowledgable marine electronics advice, customized to your project, your vessel, and your needs.

We will start by discussing the nature of your marine electronics project:

The current state of your boat and existing electronics, including model#s and/or photos of what you have installed, what you want to change, and what you want to get from the change.
A discussion about your current knowledge level and familiarity with wiring, electronics, and your budget.

We will provide you with personal advice specific to your project including:

Recommendations for the best components needed to achieve your goal within your budget, as well as vendor recommendations for acquiring the components.
A list of the additional parts, supplies, and tools you need to finish the job
A custom color-coded diagram showing exactly how to connect each component into the system work the way you want in your boat, not some generic boat, or some other persons boat–your boat
Details on configuration settings you may need to set within each part of the system to make them work as expected

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